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Free A music engraving and playing tool for the Great Highland Bagpipe
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Bagpipe Player is a music engraving and playing software program for the Great Highland Bagpipe.
Main features:
-Supports BMW Gold and BMW DOS file format. The old BMW DOSTM files are converted to the new format as they are opened.
-Bagpipe Player has everything Bagpipe Reader has but with playing to MIDI and PC Speaker capabilities.
-Bagpipe Player is also able to save the tune to MIDI file format.
-Prints any type of Great Highland Bagpipe light music and piobaireachd (including abbreviations) on a Windows compatible printer.
-Can include any of the following text items with the music: tune title, tune type, composer/arranger, footer (for page numbers), in-line text, text at a fixed location, and comments.
-Prints in portrait or landscape on any paper size supported by a Windows printer driver.
-Top, bottom, left and right margin settings.
-Allows each text item to be formatted with font, font style, font size, colour, underline, strikeout, and alignment (left, right, centred or absolute location).
-Scales music horizontally and/or vertically on the page.
-Allows music to be printed on multiple pages or fit to one page.
-Bars can be vertically aligned.
-Aspect ratio and size of music symbols and symbol spacings can be adjusted.
-Multiple tunes in a file can be printed on one page or across multiple pages.
-Embellishment, grace notes, and strikes distance between melody note adjusted.
-Add per-note spacing with the “space” symbol.
-Staff height can be specified in absolute height (thousandths of an inch) or allow Bagpipe Reader to fit the tune according to page setup settings.
-Split screen with music codes in bottom window and displayed music in the top window. Bar separating the windows can be adjusted vertically.
-Zoom level on music window can be adjusted (10-900%). Allows any scale entry up to 900%.
-Supports Multiple Document Interface (i.e. can open several tunes at same time)
-Icons for new tune, open existing tune, save tune in current window, print music, preview music, refresh music.

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Is there a chromebook compatible version out there?

Last month Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply
Is there a way to disable the drones so just the chanter is sounded? I know I can turn down the volume of the drones but I need to do that for each tune I'm trying to play, I can't seem to find a way to just turn them off and have them stay off each time I start the player.

Nov 3, 2023 Was it helpful?  yes(1) no(0) | Reply
I am just wondering if anyone knows how to contact the creator of this great app and how to make it 64-bit compatible.
I used this for years until my old laptop gave up the ghost, now this will not work on Windows 11. Please help.
Thank you

Jul 19, 2023 Was it helpful?  yes(1) no(0) | Reply
Dellboy, Found one, but I had to download a 3rd party midi player too.,

Jul 19, 2023 Was it helpful?  yes(1) no(0) | Reply
Dellboy, There is an update for both 32 and 64 bit windows at this site I installed on my new 64nit laptop and it works fine now.

Nov 3, 2023 Was it helpful?  yes(1) no(0) | Reply
Dellboy, When I click this one, it gets blocked saying it's a suspicious link and my antivirus doesn't like this idea.

2 months ago Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply